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Three Tips to Improve the Condition of Your Hair

Get Great Hair!Dry, brittle hair follicles can be the bane of men and women of all ages and with so many internal and external elements that can affect the look and feel of our hair; it can be quite difficult to maintain its appearance. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to enhance the health of our hair and here are three of the most effective.

Water is life

If there’s one natural resource capable of restoring follicle strength and nourishing roots in equal measure; it’s water. Our internal hydration is one of the most important factors as far as our hairs’ health is concerned, and the more hydrated your body; the smoother your hair will look and feel. It’s recommended that adults consume at least 2 litres of fresh, clean water each day, but there’s really no harm in upping this amount to 2.5 litres if your hair is particularly dry and brittle.

Avoid oily formulas

Our hair secretes natural oils every day and although shampoo agencies recommend that we wash our hair with their branded products, knowing which types can be most beneficial can be very important. There are a variety of Australian brands that eliminate free radicals and excessive oils and these can be very beneficial for your hair. Consider booking a specialist treatment with a hairdresser that can help you to remove unwanted oils.

Fresh air is vital

The best way to control oil and nourish hair is to expose it to fresh air. From vital rays in the sun, all the way to higher volumes of oxygen – clean air can help by breaking down oil build-ups, as well as by eliminating debris and dirt as they begin to settle. Try to avoid windy regions as this can leave your hair feeling overly dry. Instead, a brisk walk once a day will remove impurities and evaporate unwanted oils.